By Invitation Only

A woman receives a letter from a secret admirer.

She turned the key to her apartment then threw her weight against the door till it popped opened.

“Louis, I’m home” she said.

She saw him so rarely she began to think he was a hallucination.

A sad depressing hallucination.

She tossed her keys onto the kitchen counter then flipped on the light switch. The linoleum floor had a yellow tint to it. She suddenly craved a banana and a cup of milk. She poured herself a glass than went to the fruit bowl on her table.

“Hello?” she said surprised to find a red envelop leaning against the bananas and apples.

She grabbed the mysterious envelop and examined it as she ripped off a banana. The paper was smooth like leather, but the tiny fibers meant it was made of some kind of paper.

“Must be expensive,” she said running her fingers across her name which was etched in gold calligraphy.

She moseyed over to the couch setting the milk down on the coffee table. She peeled the banana wondering who was in her apartment. A noise came from her bedroom like something heavy falling onto the carpet.

“Louis?” she said then returned to the envelope while taking a bite of the  banana.

She ripped off the back of the envelop then pulled out a card. A smaller paper, the size of a business card, fell to her lap. The larger card was black and thick like cardstock; A gold ribbon ran across the front. She opened the card.

“Dear Madam,

You read books at the local bookstore, but never buy them. You listen to music at record stores, but never buy them.

At night you sit into front of your window to gaze at the city lights. Louis, your black cat, occasionally climbs to the window sill to steal your attention.

I’d like to invite you to an event tonight, an exclusive event that is by invitation only.

Enclosed is a card with an address on it, present it at the front door and enjoy. Please, dress elegantly.”

She put everything back in the red envelope then stared at Louis, who was now standing outside her bedroom door, he began licking his paw.

“Louis, Mom is going out tonight.”

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

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